General Info
The Madison Joint Recreation District has a board that is made up of representatives for the 3 local political entities; Madison Township, Madison Village and the Madison School system.  It also has At-Large board members, appointed by the board itself.  Monthly meetings are usually held every fourth Thursday and are open to the public.  The meeting location alternates between Madison Village Hall and Madison Township Hall.  These meetings are run according to Roberts Rule of Order. 
Section 1: The purpose of the District shall be to assess the recreational needs of the Madison Community and to see that these needs are met by:

A. Short term programs established and sponsored either by the Program Committee of the District or by other organizations within the Community.

B. Development and implementation of a long-term recreation plan including financing, acquisition and development of facilities.

C. Offering its services as an impartial mediator to any youth sports organization’s Board of Directors that formally petitions the District to provide resolutions to impasses within the youth organization. An Ad-hoc sub-committee will be appointed for each specific occasion.

D. The district can provide services and support to all recognized Madison youth recreational organizations as long as the resources are available.
Click here for full MJRD Constitution & By-Laws 2017

Featured Events
  • MJRD Concerts in the Park = Spring/Summer
    Madison Sports Day = 2nd Sunday in June
    Community Night Social Booth Program = June
    Light Up the Park = September
    MJRD Christmas ITP = December 
    MJRD Ice Skating Free Skate = Winter
    MJRD Travel Planner Program = on-going for the year